Selfish Children: Children Are Innocent But Defined As The Most Selfish In This Earth

Children or small babies are innocent, came from heaven and we all parents are always affectionate to them. It’s normal, natural and not doing excessive something. It’s not only for human children, rather universal for all creatures like animals, insects, and whatever you see on this earth.  Look at your pets.  They are also very kind to their children. But these all children are defined as selfish in nature. Why and how? Read more about selfish children.

Apparently it can’t be believed that a small child can be defined as the most selfish in the earth.  To realize this matter we have to understand the definition of selfish.

Who is selfish, what is selfish?

Selfish means to think only for own and ignore the others. A selfish knows only his/her problems and tries to get whatever needs regardless of any ethical and logical judgment. They never think regarding others. To fulfill own requirements they can make trouble for others without any hesitation.

583: Selfish Children: Children Are Innocent But Defined As The Most Selfish In This Earth

Selfish Children

Children are always selfish by nature either of humans or animals. Because, they only know and feel their own problems like hunger, thirsty, and nature calls, etc and always like to feel comfortable.  If something goes wrong or they missing anything from the above things they will cry loudly to compel you to solve the problem immediately and continue to cry until they feel comfortable. 

Remember, without any of the above reason they will never cry.  As they can’t speak crying is the only weapon to obtain whatever they need.  They have no other way to explain their necessity.  So, crying is the only mode of communication, a way to express their necessity, a weapon to obtain own right and fulfill their requirements.

583: Selfish Children: Children Are Innocent But Defined As The Most Selfish In This Earth

Moreover, they don’t have the patience of waiting for something.  Because, patience is the part of realizing the situation, analyzing the limitation and problems of others.  Due to the lake of knowledge and awareness of realizing the situation they can’t compromise or consider other’s problems.  Usually, we treat them as selfish who behave like this.  But we never mind although babies are too selfish.  Because we have enough sympathy naturally for them and we have patience and ready to sacrifice for them. Almost all parents devote themselves to their child regardless of rich and poor, higher officers or small salaried employees.

583: Selfish Children: Children Are Innocent But Defined As The Most Selfish In This Earth

While they are growing up, knowledge of understanding builds up gradually and thus once become able to realize others including ethics, logical judgment, human’s right, social responsibility and so on. In our society usually, we see that illiterate persons are more selfish than the literal; ignorant people are more selfish than the wise.  Because literal or wise people are more conscious regarding ethics, logical judgment, human right, social responsibility, democracy, & religious bindings, etc.

Children of all types either of humans or animals, selfish naturally and by birth, because there is no other go except become selfish.  So, it’s not bad while you are a baby but don’t do the same practice when you are a teen or an adult.  Because you are then conscious enough to leave selfishness, give something to this earth, look to the society and community, sacrifice for neighbors, friends, family, and nation.

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