574: What Is Eco Tourism or Sustainable Tourism? Find here Some Spots of Sustainable Tourism.

Find here the meaning of sustainable tourism.  Also, we attempt to give some short description regarding “Communication in tourism technology, Economic factors in the tourism sector, How to design tourist posters, Positive and negative effects of tourism, and Tourism Vs. eco-tourism.

01. What is the meaning of sustainable tourism?

Sustainable tourism is to create a small effect on the environment and respect for the local culture and local employment.  The environmental problems which have become a source of growing concern and widening the gap of poverty between developed and developing countries, sustainable tourism offers a way to see the world and make a difference.

2.     Communication in tourism technology

With the explosion of technological progress in mid – to late 20th century, found increased access to a growing range of tourist destinations.  Communications technology continues to promote destinations and to draw the attention of the travelers to enable booking online and collect payments, with a significant impact on the industry of travel and tourism in General.

3.     Economic factors in the tourism sector

Generally, support activities that attract tourists in the region of Tourism.  Special events such as festivals, exhibitions and concerts attracting tourists, and they usually spend money during their visit to the tourist region.  So, tourism greatly influences economic development.

4.     How to design tourist posters

Nowadays Tourism is one of the most important industries in the world.  Travelers are visiting other countries to explore new cultures and eat different cuisines and see the historical and religious sites directly.  Well, a designed poster of tourism should encourage people to think about all these activities in a place that they could not have thought of before.

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