How to Deal with Scam Website Builder Kits?

How to Deal with Scam Website Builder Kits?

Scam Website Builder Kits.

Scam websites

The main problem with website designing in today’s internet-driven world is that web templates are susceptible to scam building by web developers. The following lines will help you to deal with web template scams.

Web Template Scam

The majority of the web designers in today’s world is highly deceitful and provide their client scam web building kits, cheating them of their money. When a business owner approaches the freelancing arena for web design jobs, there are some lucrative offers from cheap website building services. Many times such offers include ‘custom web designing’ service, cheap and inferior in quality.

It is mostly the web templates that are subject to fraud and scams. According to the developers, they want to use customized templates if the clients need is a medium. But every developer is not like that. Some of them don’t let the client know, what he is up to.

Templates and custom Design

These days it has become difficult to find credible web designers in the market. There are designers, who will spend your time and your money in creating a standard template and present it to you as custom designs. Many cases have come to light where web designers have taken away lump sums from the clients, promising ‘custom design’ and providing the standard template instead.

However, the difference in these designs is clear if you have previous experience in working with these templates.

Discovering the Scam

The easiest way to determine whether a template is ‘custom design’ or not, is by visiting “Template Monster” to browse through their existing web templates. It will be easy for you to find out within minutes of observation that their template designs are almost the same with the same work in flash, similar images, and use of colors and even their text is almost the same.

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