How to Ensure Plugins Don’t Mess up Your WordPress Site Stability

All in all, What Could Go Wrong?

At the point when your site goes down suddenly, quite possibly’s one of your modules is at the base of the issue. These are the absolute most normal manners by which a module can be associated with your site smashing:

WordPress Update Aftershocks—Compatibility between your CMS and your modules must be kept up. At the point when WordPress is refreshed, your modules may require an update or a design change so as to keep working appropriately.

Module Update Side Effects—When you update to the most recent rendition of a module, you may accept that the new form will work with your present adaptation of WordPress. That is not constantly a sheltered presumption.

A Custom Code Mismatch—If you have added altered source code to your site, you may find that a recently introduced module doesn’t get along with your code, or that a well-trusted module fires misbehaving after you roll out an improvement to your custom code.

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