The Best Vegan Skin Care Brands For Men


What’s going on here? A waxy substance used to treat dry and dried out skin, taken from the skin of fleece bearing creatures.

Vegetarian Option: “A veggie lover option is shea spread,” says Dr. Chantrey.


What’s going on here? Glycerin is an emollient (basically the therapeutic word for a cream) created from creature fat.

Veggie lover Option: “There are vegetable options in contrast to glycerin that can be gotten from soya and coconut oil,” says Dr. Chantrey.


What’s going on here? A red color produced using squashed up bugs (typically found in South America) and utilized for beauty care products.

Veggie lover Option: “There are plant-or mineral-based options accessible, contingent on the utilization,” says Dr. Chantrey.


What’s going on here? Keratin is a protein found in the epidermis (the external layer of both human and creature skin) and is a significant segment of skin wellbeing.

Vegetarian Option: “Natural amino acids removed from plants give a topical protein elective,” says Dr. Chantrey.

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